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About Secure Cash

Secure Cash (SCSX): Freedom and resistance against totalitarian governments, economic crisis and the future new world order

Secure Cash (SCSX) is your shield against the relentless grip of totalitarian regimes, poised to snatch your hard-earned money to fuel their oppressive agendas. Say no to the tyranny of compulsory taxation, where your funds vanish into the abyss of frivolous levies, such as carbon emissions fees and other political fallacies. With Secure Cash, reclaim your financial sovereignty and defy the chains of governmental overreach. Join the resistance, protect your wealth, and defy the encroachment of authoritarian rule.

Secure Cash (SCSX) emerges as a beacon of hope in the tumultuous landscape of modern finance. Born from the fervent desire to combat totalitarian regimes and safeguard individual freedoms, SCSX represents the pinnacle of privacy-centric cryptocurrencies.

At its core, SCSX is designed to be 100% anonymous, decentralized, and untraceable, providing users with a sanctuary for their financial transactions away from the prying eyes of oppressive governments and clandestine agendas. Its ultimate goal? To serve as a store of value in regions plagued by autocratic leaders who manipulate public resources for personal gain, disregarding the will and rights of their citizens.

In countries where corruption runs rampant and citizens are burdened with exorbitant taxes and fees, Secure Cash (SCSX) offers a lifeline, shielding their wealth from the clutches of tyrants and securing it against the looming specter of a satanic or Luciferian new world order. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology and cryptographic innovation, SCSX empowers individuals to take control of their financial destinies and resist the encroachment of totalitarianism.

In a world where freedom is under siege and the true enemies of society lurk in the shadows, Secure Cash (SCSX) stands as a bastion of financial sovereignty and resistance against the forces of oppression. Join the movement today and embrace a future where privacy, freedom, and individual empowerment reign supreme.

Simple Information

Coin Name: Secure Cash

Symbol or Ticker: SCSX

Launch date: 01/15/2019

Maximum Supply: 300,000

Transaction Fee: 0.00000100

Pre-mining: 15% (spent!)

Technical Information

Algorithm: CryptoNight

PoW algo: CryptoNight-Lite V7

Difficulty algorithm: Zawy V2

Difficulty target: 120 Seconds

Emission speed factor: 21

P2P Port: 31000

RPC Port: 31001

Team Information

Dev: A.L.X

Special thanks to:




Alef Sten